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What differentiates us from other business consulting firms? Our team of Business Coaches and Mentors.

TDE Advanced Leadership Program Business Consulting Coaching

Timothy Duffy

President, Chief Executive Officer

Timothy Duffy is the President/CEO of TD Enterprises.  His former positions include Vice President in a large global IT company responsible for over $100M worth of accounts and a retired Colonel in the Air Force Reserves where he held many leadership positions.  Prior to taking over TD Enterprises he was the President/CEO of Fighter Associates Consultation and Training Services as well as an international pilot for United Airlines.  Tim has flown over 10,000 hours with the airline and nearly 2,500 hours in the F-15 fighter including 400 combat hours.  During his flying career Tim was tested in many stressful situations one of which was September 11, 2001 when Tim was the first fighter pilot scrambled to intercept the hijacked aircraft and help restore order in the skies over NYC.  In addition to flying the F-15, Tim was the Regional Reserve Director for FEMA Region 1 and an advisor to FEMA as the DOD representative during natural or man-made disasters nationwide.  He has finished 30 years of service in the Air Force and is a partner in several business ventures.  Tim has been a guest lecturer at many corporations and institutions of higher learning speaking on corporate culture, decision-making and leadership.  Tim presently lives outside of Boston, MA with his wife Kim and family.

TDE Enterprises Business Consulting Coach Thunderbird Jeff Fiebig

Jeff Fiebig

Chief Operating Officer, Business Coach

Jeffrey Fiebig is the Chief Operating Officer of TD Enterprises and a Senior Business Coach.  He has a diverse background in business and the military.  He is currently overseeing several real estate ventures along with small business start-ups and is a Colonel in the Air Force Reserves.  He is also the Joint Air Component Coordination Element Director (JACCE), Air Force Northern/Continental Region Liaison Officer to NORAD/NORTHCOM, Chief of Combat Operations (601S1 Air Operations Center NORAD/NORTHCOM), Regional Reserve Director FEMA Region VIII.  Throughout his 30 year career Jeff has held the highest leadership positions and been recognized as the best of the best.  Capping a brilliant career as a fighter pilot Jeff was chosen to be a Thunderbird Pilot on the Air Force’s Thunderbird Aerial Demonstration team.  He has been an advisor to the Department of Defense, Department of the Air Force, Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Board Patrol, the Federal Aviation Administration, US Coast Guard and FEMA.  He has been on the Board of Directors for Banks, private and public companies and has been the COO for a public communications company and President and CEO of several banking, realty and construction companies. Jeff brings a distinctive skill set as an individual who leads people, change and businesses to success.  Jeff currently lives in Colorado and Georgia with his wife Amanda and family.

TDE Enterprises Business Consulting Coach Martin Richard

Martin Richard

Chief Administrative Officer, Business Coach

Martin Richard is the Chief Administrative Officer of TD Enterprises and a Senior Business Coach.  He is a combat fighter pilot, business consultant, and author of the business book, “SCRAMBLED!” In his distinguished career, he has flown over 3,000 hours in the F-15 and F-111 fighter jets. Before becoming an author, Martin co-founded Fighter Associates, a business-consulting group and worked with some of the largest (and smallest) companies in the country. His experience also includes flying for one of the world’s largest civilian airline companies.  Martin served as the Chief Strategy Officer of Zulu Capital Group, was the Vice President of Business Development for Lucid Government Solutions, and a special advisor to onlinebizcoach.com.  Today, Martin is a thought expert on leadership and a sought after public speaker. His experience in extremely high-pressure situations and the tools he has developed to thrive in these circumstances resonates with America’s best and brightest business leaders and delivers quantifiable results!

TDE Leadership Training Coach Astronaut Brian Duffy

Brian Duffy

Coaching Coordinator, Featured Speaker

Brian Duffy has a long and distinguished career that spans many sectors and a Senior Business Coach.  His current position is Vice President and Program Manager for Exploration Systems at ATK.  In this role he is ATK’s lead executive for Johnson Space Center and Kennedy Space Center programs focusing on providing new national capabilities to transport crews and cargo to space.  Prior to joining ATK he was a Vice President for Lockheed Martin for 10 years as VP, Space Solutions for Lockheed Martin Technical Operations (LMTO) and VP Associate Program Manager of the Lockheed Martin Consolidated Space Operations Contract (CSOC).  Brian retired from the Air Force as a Colonel with over 26 years of service.  During his military career Brian was a fighter pilot, test pilot and astronaut.  He flew 4 Space Shuttle missions during his career at NASA (STS -45, 57, 72, 92) , two as the Commander and 2 as the pilot logging over 40 days in space.  Along with his space flights he was also the Technical Assistant to the Director of Flight Crew Operations, Assistant Director, Associate Director, and Deputy Director (Acting) of the Johnson Space Center.  Brian is originally from Boston, MA and now resides in Houston, TX with his wife Jan.