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TDE Advanced Leadership Program | Leadership Development | Core Capabilities

Leadership development and implementing a new, innovative methodology to enhance your existing tactical processes and to change your company’s culture is the foundation of the TDE Advanced Leadership Program

The TDE Advanced Leadership Program is a completely transformative and new approach to business consulting and management consulting.  By effecting culture change through leadership development, our clients have enjoyed amazing returns on their investment of time and resources. Our business coaches and mentors define and accomplish these specific, individualized strategic objectives by training to the core competencies your organization needs to execute on it’s daily business battles.

The secret to our effectiveness in business consulting, management consulting and leadership development mentoring is the team of business coaches we’ve assembled.  Our business coaches accomplishments in the private and public sector, in combat, in space and in life are simply incomparable.  Through our fully scalable and customizable TDE Advanced Leadership Program you can leverage their passion and expertise for your team.  Our business coaches focus on leadership development opportunities and will expose your team members to experiences, techniques, perspectives, mentoring and instruction that you just can’t provide them.  After graduation from the Program, you will see polished, refined and confident leaders at every level of your organization.

How do we produce results? We're glad you asked.

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Leadership development to “build your leadership bench” at every level of your organization


Teach your team “rigid flexibility” to ensure adaptability in changing business environments


Define and develop ownership and accountability in every task and in every role


Develop, assess and practice effective communication skills

Explore the Advanced Leadership Program Core Competencies and how TDE Leadership deliver results.

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Core Competency 1: Create the Future

Core Competency 2: Leverage Talent

Core Competency 3: Influence and Negotiate with courage

Core Competency 4: Innovate

Core Competency 5: Collaborate for Effective Results

Core Competency 6: Be a part of something bigger than self

Core Competency 7: Focus on clients

Core Competency 8: Develop professional agility

Core Competency 9: Develop effective communicators

Core Competency 10: Hone skills to problem solve and make decisions

Core Competency 11: Manage execution and risk